What is happening today is a slippery slope.

Australia is building a "vaccinated-only economy", where the illusion of covidlessness in the narrow sense, and the solidarity imposed by the authorities in the broad sense, is the new "public good". Too many influential Australians are not ashamed to say on television that Australia has transitioned to the "new world order" where everyone owes everyone while no one voted for it. Like in communism.

In the "vaccinated economy", the unvaccinated will soon become "useless eaters''. And what do communists do with useless eaters? No matter what they do, no one will even notice, because everyone lives in an illusion. What is it, if not an illusion - to require everyone to owe everyone covidlessness while destroying the livelihood of millions of soon-to-become  "useless eaters' '? 

How is this illusion being built? The good is being exaggerated, the destruction is being diminished. This is how communism is built, too.

Too many people in the 21st century have turned out to be far left. They probably did not suspect it themselves, until the opportunity arose to show their "solidarity and heroism". And it doesn't matter that this solidarity is imposed and the heroism is infantile…

In the USA, the House of Representatives' Speaker Pelosi said that they are "coming out of the pandemic by building back better" ("bbb" - the slogan of many countries - the United States, Canada, France, the UK; it is related to the UN Agenda 2030 and means "building a better future"). This "bbb" involves overcoming the pandemic by "improving the climate", by imposing "moral responsibility," and other communist heresies. I do not deny the need for humane treatment of the environment, but the government will take action in this field not by making corporations liable for their shameful treatment of our planet, but by making each of us liable. Pandemic management has shown us what climate improvement management will look like. And this is just the beginning.

In different European countries, despite the stringent data security laws the digital quarantine surveillance cameras are being installed. Digital facial recognition cameras, health passports are all part of building back better - establishment of a social credit system, when citizens will be "judged" not by the court, but by Facebook, Google, Amazon and our mobile bank, which will block users' access to their money if they are found to behave in a not "morally responsible" way, breaching the norms of the new "public good".

And the "new public good" is always so flexible and so immeasurable. It is not anymore a specific human dignity, not a specific right to life or to a fair trial. The "new public good" is an unverifiable promise, which is based on the faith called upon "big" corporations and authorities - from our TV and mobile screens.

The "new public good" is being built by breaking the will of millions of people. It is being built through blackmail from the part of the state, more specifically, from the executive branch of the state - the one whose job it is to execute the will of the people. 

If citizens are forced by the executive branch to infuse anything in their bodies against their will, then what the executive branch cannot force them to do? What will happen next in the name of solidarity and the "new public good"? Share a kidney with our neighbor? Or the heart?

Will we allow the authorities to ask us to "leave" when we are 60 years old for the sake of saving the climate? And if we do not comply with the request, will we be declared immoral, or worse?

What is happening today is a slippery slope. And if we continue to follow this road without questioning the methods, billions will fall victim.

Dr. Marta Barandiy, PhD in Law